Top 8 Effective Mold Removal Tricks for a Mold-Free Home in Florida

Mold is a horrifying nightmare that no homeowner wants to face. According to Wikipedia, 47% of U.S. homes encounter substantial levels of mold growth, making it an alarming issue.

Mold not only affects your valuable property and belongings but also comes with a bunch of health issues like itching, sneezing allergy, asthma and many more. That’s why it’s important to know how you can implement effective mold removal techniques to make sure a healthy living environment for your beloved ones! 

So, how to get rid of mold safely? In this comprehensive blog, we will explore top 8 types of mold removal tricks by which you can get rid of mold from scratch and make your Florida home mold-free.

Before jumping into the top 8 professional mold removal steps let’s know the difference between mold and mildew so that you know the exact problem and take action accordingly.

Mold vs. Mildew

Many people gets confused between mold and mildew. Even though they come with similar appearances, they are not the same thing. 

Mildew is typically more visible during early stages and can appear as white or gray powdery dots. It may turn yellow or brown, but generally remains pretty flat. 

Differences of mildew and mold removal

Mold appears darker, often in shades of red, green or black and can have a fuzzy texture. While mildew is typically less dangerous than certain types of mold (think black mold), both microscopic fungi can cause health problems and damage to your home. 

But don’t worry! The steps we are going to talk about covers both mold & mildew removal. Ensuring a safe mold-free house for you and your family members.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a common chemical-free method professionals use to eliminate mold from your property. Dry ice is basically the solid form of carbon dioxide which is kept in the low temperature of -110 degrees. 

Mold and mildews cannot withstand this low temperature and dies immediately. As this method doesn’t use any chemicals, it is a sustainable way of removing stubborn mold from your Florida home. Also, you can save yourself from any health dangers associated with chemicals.

This way, you and your family can move in as soon as mold removal specialists are done restoring your property and you won’t have to worry about any lingering chemical smell in your home.

Air Treatment

Do you know what is the primary reason of mold growth in your home? The answer will be excess moisture. Air treatment is an effective mold removal trick to control the moisture and lets  you breath freely without any concern. 

The damp sections of your home can receive a lot of moisture and if you are not sure where to look for mold, check for the damp sections of your home that receives little to no sunshine. They are the ideal place for mold growth.

Professional dehumidifiers can remove about 50 gallons of water from the air each day. This technique can also be used for a flooded basment or a leaking water heater. 

Mold removal specialists will use HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums to remove airborne particles when the circumstance calls for it. Mold spores need to be eliminated thoroughly. Why? These tiny particles can hide in the most unpredictable corners in your home and regenerate mold growth. 

Using this method, we can remove the mold without causing any damage to your walls or other materials.


Another illustration of effective mold removal method is sanding. Professional remediation companies in Florida will remove the mold with the sander, and then suck it up with HEPA vacuum. Sanding is mostly used to remove mold from wooden furniture.

mold removal method- sanding

Do not attempt this on your own especially if you have any sort of allergy. According to Cleveland Clinic, Among people with allergies, mold can severely effect every 1 in 5 people.

That’s why it’s best to hire a mold removal specialist to handle the situation promptly.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Another common mold removal technique includes sanitation and cleaning. Though we prefer hiring an expert because you can get infected by the mold spores. Even if you attempt to do it by yourself, ensure proper safety.

Professional mold remediation services will clean and sanitize your whole property as part of the mold removal process. This will include thorough mold inspection, washing the affected surfaces and vacuum them to remove mold spores, and use additional methods to clear your house of mold spores.

Scrubbing With Antimicrobial Cleanser

Mold removal specialist will use antimicrobial cleansers to get rid of mold from nonporous surfaces including metal, glass, tubs, sinks, toilets, and tiles. This technique is a quick and efficient approach to get rid of mold. You can easily find antimicrobial cleansers online or supershops near you.

Although you require the appropriate safety equipment, you can try this method independently. If you don’t have the necessary tools, expertise, or time, let a professional mold removal service take care of everything for you at a fair fee.

Disposal of Unsalvageable Materials

When removing mold, unfortunately you can come across furniture that cannot be recovered. The disposal method is the best choice in this kind of circumstances. Yes, it means that professionals will inspect all of your furniture and remove the infected stuff to prevent further mold growth. 

Absorbent materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, cushions for couches, beds, and insulation are very hard to mold-free. They’ll still have mold spores in them even after thorough scrubbing to get rid of the mold. You’ll be dealing with a mold problem in a few weeks.

disposal of unsalvageable materials in mold removal

It might not be wise to dispose of the items on your own as you might throw out items that could’ve been restored and increase your cost or the vice versa. In order to prevent unnecessarily exposing yourself to risk, you must first have the right safety equipment. 

Second, you must handle the items carefully to prevent mold from spreading to other materials. The material property must also be disposed of since mold spores might infiltrate your home through the air.

The best recommendation is to hire a reputable restoration company in Florida to inspect your house and handle any necessary disposal.

Cleaning Up Mold From Ductwork

Environmental Protection Agency advises that you must get a specialist if your HVAC system has mold growth. If you attempt to clean the mold from your ducting on your own, several things may go wrong. This method calls for specialized tools and skilled handling.

Due to the complex nature of this method, you should only entrust this form of mold removal to a reputable and knowledgeable restoration company. 

Choose The Best Mold Removal Company in Florida

Mold is a dangerous substance to handle without any prior experience. That’s why we recommend hiring professional restoration service in Florida that will help you in mold removal and mitigate it’s effects. 

If you are looking for the best restoration service in Florida, My Remediator is the way to go. As we provide professionals having years of experience so that you can be stress-free. They ensure to provide 100% satisfactory restoration work, proven from our clients. 

If you want a free mold inspection in your Florida property, contact us today and ensure a safe mold-free living environment. Still got questions on why do you need professional moval removal services from us click the link to know details. 


In conclusion, mold is dreaded event one can encounter in their home. This stubborn thing not only damages your valuables but also expose you to several respiratory issues. That’s why it’s extremely important to know how to get rid of mold safely.

Throughout the blog, we have explored 8 professional mold removal steps by which you can ensure proper removal of mold and prevent dangers of it. From non-chemical method of dry ice blasting, hi-tech air treatment to professional sanitaton, cleaning and scrubbing with antimicrobial cleanser. We covered all of it for you. 

However, mold spores are very tiny and can be inhaled easily that’s why it’s important to ensure proper safety if you want to tackle it on your own. But we would prefer a professional mold remediation service who can handle the situation much more efficiently and save you from expensive future repairs. 

For a free mold inspection in your Florida property, don’t hesitate to contact My Remediator today. Ensure a safe and mold-free living environment for you and your family.

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